[ejabberd] Questions on Multi user chat and IRC

Badlop badlop at safe-mail.net
Mon Nov 29 14:25:08 MSK 2004

Christopher R. Parr wrote:
> I've got two questions:
> - Is it possible to join a Jabber MUC also via IRC? If yes how?

I've not tried them, but you may want to check those external components:

IJChain - IRC Jabber Chain is a bot that connects into a jabber 
conference and a irc channel reproducing conversations that are being 
done in the other side.

Jig - a Jabber / IRC Gateway

 > - And how can I add users to the userlist of the room?

You can give different roles and permissions to room participants 
(owner, administrator, moderator, member, banned) using a MUC-enabled 
Jabber client. Exodus and Tkabber for example.

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