[ejabberd] How to get AIM gateway working?

dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com
Sun Oct 10 22:22:57 MSD 2004

Hi all I am new to ejabber,
  I have the server up and running but I cannot seem to get the AIM
Gateway working?  My global config file has this line below...
  {5233, ejabberd_service, [{access, all}, {aim, "aim.<MyDomainName>",
[{password, "aimsecret"}]}]},

Ok now for the questions...  Why is there a password here and what is this
password for?  Does there need to be a module listed for this service like
the IRC service if so what is the name of the module and where can I
download it?  Also is it possible for none Jabber clients as in the
regular AOL IM client to be pointed to a jabber server and the jabber
server route/gateway the client through?  Also what about AIM clients that
have SSL turned on how do they work with this.  Usually Gateways or
routers have an incomming IP/Port and outgoing IP/port in the
configuration?  If this is a Gateway for IM then where is the outgoing
IP/port or domain name/port.  That's another thing why is it nessaray to
use a domain name instead of just an IP address?  Shouldn't both work? 
Anyway I do not know Erlang so please post your response so an iddiot like
myself can understand it.  Also I am using this under Windows XP so again
please remember to use "KISS" in the response;-)

Thanks for any help,
Dragonsphere (AKA. jkinsey)

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