[ejabberd] How about memory consumption?!

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Mon Oct 11 11:29:49 MSD 2004

Max Loparyev wrote:
> In few words it is a disaster!
>     I have an old good machine with 128M Ram, Pentium 166MMX processor, 
> serving jabber about 2 years for our home network with about 50 online 
> users in average and 100 online at maximum. We have about 1300 accounts 
> in xdb_file storage and its size about 41M. Now i am running wpjabberd 
> for main server, one else for conference and another one wpjabberd with 
> JIT service, consuming 46M(16M), 29M(1.8M), and 64M(22M) respectively(i 
> mentioned Virtual size(Resident size)).
>     Ejabberd is future reach and aggresively developed server, so i 
> think to give it a try. After clean start without any users I've got the 
> next parameters 28M VSIZE and 17m RSS, which is acceptable, but when I 
> convert my spool to ejabberds mnesia storage is starts to eat 
> 106MB(95M)(here and after VSIZE(RSS)).

That's strange. I made yesterday night a benchmark with Tsunami. I 
reached 500 connected users, but had more than 35MB(15MB) of RAM occupation.
I will do a benchmark with more user account to see if this is 
consistent with your figure.

> At this time it is already not so 
> good, because I need some memory for JIT service, but still acceptable 
> without thinking of growing a user database in the future. I've tuned DB 
> to not store roster in RAM and it helpes - memory consumption returns to 
> its previous values i.e ~30M(17M)
> But what really stops me, it is the backup process. Here is a clean facts.

I will investigate those aspects and see what we can do to reduce the 
consumtion during backups.

Mickaël Rémond

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