[ejabberd] How to get AIM gateway working?

dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com
Mon Oct 11 18:21:18 MSD 2004

Hi All,
Ok maybe my email came across as a rant but it is not what I intended. 
All I am saying is that if you publish software and you make a cliam that
it can do something then it should be able to do this.  Maybe a bit of
background about myself may help since I cannot expect anyone here to know
where I am coming from.  I have setup many different servers over the
years.  I am an accomplished C programmer for Windows, Linux, and
PocketPC.  I have extended both closed source and open source programming
languages.  I have setup and professionally maintained many Open Source
servers (ie... WarFTPD, Apache, inetservU, icecast multicast audio server,
and others).  I have been programming for a very long time now.  Does this
make me some kind of Guru, no it does not but when I publish a piece of
software and I make a claim about what that software can or cannot do then
I back it up 110%.  If I document that it can put a man on the moon then
by God it will.  Reguardless of how the Open Source community may feel the
fact remains that if you plan to support your software on the Windows
platform then you should know the differences between the Linux world and
the Windows world.  They are very different such as under windows a file
path is not "./somedirectory/somefile.txt" it is
".\somedirectory\somefile.txt".  I am always having to correct this
oversight.  Sometimes Windows will handle this but most of the time it
just dies.  If you need help in Windows programming I will be happy to
offer my services just so other Windows admins don't have to go through
  I am not really complaining as such since I did get the basics of the
EJabberD server working.  It took some work but I got it working.  I am
just asking for more information.  How to's and full working examples
are worth their weight in gold.  With that said I am more than willing
if I can ever figure this stuff out to post step by step instructions
with screen shots of how to make this work under Win32 and other
platforms.  I just need the information to do this.  As for the comments
about it being trivial or not that is up to the knowledge of the
individual.  I am not comming down on Open Source I love Open Source and
think it is very much needed.  All I am asking for is help and if the
documentation was at the level that someone could use it for even the
advanced stuff then I would not even be here asking or bothering anyone.
 Instead I would be sharing my knowledge with those like myself.
  Anyway back to the problem at hand.  The way the documentation reads is
that you do not need any other software components to get the AIM
transport working.  It reads as if the component comes with the server. 
Now you are saying that it does not and I need to install and configure
the component seperately?

DragonSphere (AKA: JKinsey)

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