[ejabberd] How to get AIM gateway working?

dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com
Mon Oct 11 18:56:48 MSD 2004

Hi All me again,
  I re-read what I just posted and I don't know if it really states what I
am trying to say so maybe a simple analogy would be in-order here. 
Hypothetically speaking if you were to enter a contest to win 1,000 US
dollars.  You went through all the time and work to fill out the forms
and serveys to enter the contest.  Then you get a call and the person on
the phone says "Guess what you won 1,000 US dollars because you filled
out everything just right and you were selected.  You just need to come
down and pick up the check."  So now you go down to the prize location
to pick up your $1000.00.  Then when you get there the person says
"Since the prize is free we decided to only give you 500 US dollars." 
My response would be "No you said I would win 1,000 US dollars not 500,
What gives here?"  Where is the check for 1,000 US dollars that you
claimed I could win? If I had known that before I waisted my time then I
prob. would not have even bothered with it.
  Anyway just something else to think about before someone else implies
that I am being ungrateful and not willing to do the work required to
make a piece of software do something that it claims it can do.  I have
done my homework and I have almost memorized the documentation but when
I follow the steps they do not work.

Thanks sorry to waist anyone time and bandwidth,

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