[ejabberd] How to get AIM gateway working?

James Tait james.tait at morse.com
Mon Oct 11 18:55:39 MSD 2004

Hi DragonSphere,

> Ok maybe my email came across as a rant but it is not what I 
> intended. 
> All I am saying is that if you publish software and you make 
> a cliam that it can do something then it should be able to do 
> this.

It can and it does.

> I am more than willing if I can ever 
> figure this stuff out to post step by step instructions with 
> screen shots of how to make this work under Win32 and other 
> platforms.

Fair enough, your help will be very much appreciated.  Your e-mail just read
as though you expected it to "just work" with no effort on your part, hence
my somewhat animated response.

>   Anyway back to the problem at hand.  The way the 
> documentation reads is that you do not need any other 
> software components to get the AIM transport working.  It 
> reads as if the component comes with the server. 
> Now you are saying that it does not and I need to install and 
> configure the component seperately?

That's correct.  The features list in the ejabberd guide reads: "Ability to
interface with external components (JIT, MSN-t, Yahoo-t, etc.)", and AIM
transport is listed in an example later in the guide.  The word "external"
is key here, I can see how this could cause some confusion. :)  Perhaps an
extra note explicitly stating that these modules are not included would be a
good idea.

Actually, some work on the ejabberd guide and possibly some HOWTOs are on my
TODO list, but currently I'm working on a message archiving module and MUC
logging, as I need these features before I can get our internal server
launched.  If you're interested in discussing any of these projects (or
hurling abuse at me for ranting at you), my JID is jayteeuk at jabber.org.uk.


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