[ejabberd] How to get AIM gateway working?

dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com
Mon Oct 11 19:13:23 MSD 2004

> That's correct.  The features list in the ejabberd guide reads: "Ability
> to
> interface with external components (JIT, MSN-t, Yahoo-t, etc.)", and AIM
> transport is listed in an example later in the guide.  The word "external"
> is key here, I can see how this could cause some confusion. :)  Perhaps an
> extra note explicitly stating that these modules are not included would be
> a
> good idea.
> Actually, some work on the ejabberd guide and possibly some HOWTOs are on
> my
> TODO list, but currently I'm working on a message archiving module and MUC
> logging, as I need these features before I can get our internal server
> launched.  If you're interested in discussing any of these projects (or
> hurling abuse at me for ranting at you), my JID is jayteeuk at jabber.org.uk.
> Cheers,
> JT
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Mr. Tait,
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to a knuckle head
like myself.  I will try to read and comprehend the documentation better
in the future.  I love making software do what seems to be impossible so
once I get my feet wet in this jabber stuff I will be releasing lots of
information and I see several utilities I can contribute for the Windows
platform that I think will help the Windows Admin's life.  Also I have to
still get setup on the contributers list and the CSV so that is where I
will be going next.  Just to let you know I would not be here unless I
seen potential for good things.  I like the idea of Jabber mainly because
I see that it is more than just a simple chat IM server.  It has untapped
marketing abilities at least for me.  I write shareware and freeware on
the side so hopefully I will be able to add to this already cool product. 
I would post my website but it is currently under construction.


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