[ejabberd] How about memory consumption?!

Max Loparyev max at city.veganet.ru
Tue Oct 12 23:18:38 MSD 2004

Mickael Remond wrote:
> That's strange. I made yesterday night a benchmark with Tsunami. I 
> reached 500 connected users, but had more than 35MB(15MB) of RAM 
> occupation.
> I will do a benchmark with more user account to see if this is 
> consistent with your figure.
I said nothing about number of online users, I'm talking about real 
users with real rosters and vcards and the real size of database. Does 
Tsunami make rosters for each user with 499 other contacts? Moreover, 
all my tests was with only one connected account. I can free memory by 
storing roster 'only on disk', but it doesn't affect to the backup process.

Saionara, Max.
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