[ejabberd] How about memory consumption?!

Oleg V. Motienko mmm at ttn.ru
Thu Oct 14 21:12:29 MSD 2004

Max Loparyev wrote:

> it returns to normal 30M(17M) after some time because I use 
> ERL_FULL_SWEEP=0 when starting erl. The resulting data file is 57M in 
> size. So for backup 57M of data i need 199M(168M) of memory. This is 
> really confusing for me and i am scared by volumes of RAM that i would 
> need to support 1M accounts if i will want to do that.

After I set ERL_FULL_SWEEP=0 memory usage redused from 129M(121M) to 

Regards, Oleg
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