[ejabberd] External Authentication ...

Sommer Detlef somm at etm-ag.com
Fri Oct 15 12:22:30 MSD 2004

I have a few questions about the external authetication modul.
Hope someone can help me. I try to write an authetication modul
for the windows version which autheticates against active directory.

so I have read the supplied example perl script and found out
that there are 3 methods a external moduls must provide:

a) auth: Check the user and password
b) setpass; Set the password
c) isuser: Check if the user exits (without password)

Now the questions:
1) Is there more documentaion on the external modul ?
2) Are there more methods I must implement ?
3) What should the isuser test check ? If the user exists
in Ad or if the user exists in ejabberd. This could be
different becuase not all Ad users may be registered in
ejabberd. When I must check if the user is registered
in Ejabberd how can I perform that ?

If my modul works (it will be writen in .NET) then I can
post it and someone can add it into the distribution ...

TIA Detlef Sommer

Detlef Sommer

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