[ejabberd] mod_vcard_ldap

dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com
Tue Oct 19 22:02:27 MSD 2004

Hi All,
  Is it required to use the exauth to use mod_vcard_ldap?  My server is
already using ldap for authentication but it is currently not using the
exauth.  Also I cannot seem to find the message or documents that have
the ldap schema and config information to use exauth,
check_pass_null.pl, mod_vcard_ldap, and ldap with ejabberd.  If anyone
has these could you forward them to me please?
  If I use the extauth, check_pass_null.pl, mod_vcard_ldap, and a ldap
server will the users be able to register with the server or will the
admin still need to add the users to ldap before the user can login?

JKinsey (AKA dragonsphere)

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