[ejabberd] mod_vcard_ldap

dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com dragon_sphere at vdsworld.com
Tue Oct 19 23:16:30 MSD 2004

> There is no intended ldap-dependency for exauth! My first implementation
> used pam. Now mod_vcard_ldap uses ldap (naturally) and it currently
> depends on attribbutes from inetOrgPerson/organizationalPerson. This
> should be configurable (patches cheerfully accepted I think :-) ) You
> should check the source for details.
I have a schema for ldap already but I am unsure if I am doing this
correctly?  Which source are you refering to?  Are you speaking of the
mod_vcard_ldap.erl file?  The users do authenticate without issues but
when a user trys to update their vcard I get a

RECV: <iq from='noone at myjabserver.net' to='noone at myjabserver.net/Exodus'
id='jcl_21' type='error'><vCard
xmlns='vcard-temp'><N><GIVEN>noone</GIVEN><FAMILY>noone</FAMILY></N><NICKNAME>noone</NICKNAME><EMAIL>noone at nowhere.com<INTERNET/><PREF/></EMAIL><URL>http://www.nowhere.com</URL><ROLE/><BDAY/><TITLE/><ORG><ORGNAME/><ORGUNIT/><DESC/></ORG><ADR><HOME/></ADR><ADR><WORK/></ADR><TEL><HOME/><VOICE/><NUMBER/></TEL><TEL><HOME/><FAX/><NUMBER/></TEL><TEL><WORK/><VOICE/><NUMBER/></TEL><TEL><WORK/><FAX/><NUMBER/></TEL></vCard><error
code='405' type='cancel'><not-allowed

from Exodus's xml debug window (note: The name's and addresses in the
response above have been changed for security reasons;-)  I guess I either
don't have the schema correct or I don't have the permissions correct for
the user to update their ldap info?  So I did try mod_vcard_ldap with the
ldap authentication for ejabberd.
> If you are using check_pass_null then any user can impersonate any other
> user. This is probably not what you want. Where/how do you plan to
> authenticate your users?
I perfer to use the built-in LDAP {auth_method, ldap} for authentication
since it is already working the way I want it to but would like to save
the vcard data in ldap as well and allow the users to update the vcard as
they wish.

Thanks again,

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