[ejabberd] External Authentication not working ..

Sommer Detlef somm at etm-ag.com
Fri Oct 22 16:39:01 MSD 2004

I have setup a ejabberd server on windows 2000 with internal
authetication in the config file and all worked ok.

Then I have written a little .NET application which should handle
the external authentication. This program works like the supplied
perl script (check_pass_null.pl) and the commands auth and isuser
are implemented (setpass always returns false). isuser checks the
username against AD and returns true if the user exists, auth checks
the user and the password against AD and returns true if all is ok.
It also logs all requests to a logfile for debug ...

I want to use the program only for checking the user and password
in AD, all other things should be stored in the ejabberd database
as before (I have no external storage for the jabber data).

Then I stopped the server, changed to external authentication
in the config file using my program and deleted the spool directory.

And from this moment many things got wrong:
1) I am not able to connect to the server without ticking the
"Use plain text password" setting on the client. When this is
not enabled my external program is not called (nothing in the
log), so the problem must be before ...

2) I can logon to the server without first creating an account.
In this case my program is called with auth and when the user
and password are ok I can use the server.

3) It seams that the user is not created in the ejabberd database
because it doesn't show up in the webinterface and the registered
user counter is always 0 (even when I chat with 10 accounts)

4) The isuser routine from my program is never called ....

Can anyone help me. If the program works I will post it to
the list so someone can add it to the distribution ...

BTW, what is the difference between jud and vjud ? In psi
I can use vjud in the server browser but I am unable to use
the jud in the Add contact menu ...

TIA, Detlef Sommer

Detlef Sommer

ETM Aktiengesellschaft
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