[ejabberd] External Authentication not working ..

Leif Johansson leifj at it.su.se
Fri Oct 22 23:44:30 MSD 2004

Sommer Detlef wrote:
> The problems (from my point) are the following:
> 1) It looks that when I don't register with the server
> the user is not created in the ejabberd database (see below).

I think this is an artifact of the webbinterface. Roster entries
and other mnesia entries are created.

> 2) It seems also that tls doesn't work. Only without ssl and
> with plaintext enabled ... Is this handled by the code befor
> the external program is called ?

Problems with TLS/SSL are not related to problems with exauth.
Your clients must use plaintext auth with extauth. With plaintext
you should use SSL/TLS. Make it work wo TLS/SSL first. Then solve
problems related to SSL/TLS.

> 3) There are some things that do not work. One is hat the
> initial message when a user is created is not send in this case.
> The other time the roster didn't get saved on the server. I always
> started with a blank roster. I think also that there was a problem
> with offline messages. They didn't appear at the next start ...

Strange. I am running extauth for a few hundred users at this
time and if you are implementing isuser offline messages and
roster should work. It certainly works for me.

> 4) What is the isuser method for when it is never called ?

That is very strange. If you send a message to an offline users
you should definitely get a call to isuser.

> 5) Would be nice if yuo can also check external user within
> the webinterface ...

That is an issue for the main developers.

	Cheers leifj

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