[ejabberd] questions about SASL

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Sun Oct 24 16:34:39 MSD 2004

I've noticed that ejabberd supports SASL. I've tried with two clients,
cjc and gaim, but they can't login with SASL. Worse, they can't login at
all because of SASL.

Unfortunately there's zero documentation about SASL, neither in the
server nor in the clients. Does it require libraries?

Can SASL be disabled at all?

I happen to use SASL for my mail server and it works fine, after some
configuration, but I don't know what steps I need to follow to have it
work in ejabberd.

When I look at the debug logs of Gaim it seems that the client and
server use digest-md5, they give challenges and all, but in the end it
always fails.

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