AW: [ejabberd] External Authentication not working ..

Sommer Detlef somm at
Mon Oct 25 17:39:10 MSD 2004

Ok, I had a bug in the isuser routine, now it is called. Offline
messages also get stored and the roster is also on the server.

So there is only the problem with the initial welcome_message which
get's not delivered to the user and the problem that the users are
not in the webinterface. Hope that someone can fix that.

Some words about the "feature" that you don't have to register
with the server in case of external authentication:

I think that the user should also register himself. If this is
done then the user could also created in the ejabberd databases
with e.g. a dummy password. This could fix the problem with the
welcome_message and the webinterface. Steps could be simple:

If a users connects, ext. auth is ok and he is not in the DB:
--> Reject

If a user registers, ext. auth is ok and he is not in the DB:
--> Create him

If a user connects, ext. auth is ok and he is in the DB:
--> Lets jabber ....

TIA, Detlef Sommer

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> Betreff: Re: [ejabberd] External Authentication not working ..
> Sommer Detlef wrote:
> > The problems (from my point) are the following:
> > 
> > 1) It looks that when I don't register with the server
> > the user is not created in the ejabberd database (see below).
> I think this is an artifact of the webbinterface. Roster entries
> and other mnesia entries are created.
> > 2) It seems also that tls doesn't work. Only without ssl and
> > with plaintext enabled ... Is this handled by the code befor
> > the external program is called ?
> Problems with TLS/SSL are not related to problems with exauth.
> Your clients must use plaintext auth with extauth. With plaintext
> you should use SSL/TLS. Make it work wo TLS/SSL first. Then solve
> problems related to SSL/TLS.
> > 
> > 3) There are some things that do not work. One is hat the
> > initial message when a user is created is not send in this case.
> > The other time the roster didn't get saved on the server. I always
> > started with a blank roster. I think also that there was a problem
> > with offline messages. They didn't appear at the next start ...
> Strange. I am running extauth for a few hundred users at this
> time and if you are implementing isuser offline messages and
> roster should work. It certainly works for me.
> > 
> > 4) What is the isuser method for when it is never called ?
> That is very strange. If you send a message to an offline users
> you should definitely get a call to isuser.
> > 
> > 5) Would be nice if yuo can also check external user within
> > the webinterface ...
> That is an issue for the main developers.
> 	Cheers leifj

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