[ejabberd] mod_roster_ldap (replacing mnesia)

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 25 18:47:12 MSD 2004


Is anybody already working on a ejabberd roster system which is stored 
inside LDAP? I don't have many experience with Erlang, but i presume it 
is possible to replace the mnesia calls with LDAP opponents.

I also saw mod_vcard_ldap, but I didn't get that to work yet. Is anybody 
working on a write enabled vcard backend? (eq. replacing mod_vcards 
database by an LDAP backend).

The patch (which I also sended to Alexey Shchepin) gives the 
configuration options for a ldap_rootdn and ldap_password (to be used in 
ejabberd_auth and mod_vcard_ldap).


Stefan de Konink
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