[ejabberd] new ejabberd user questions

Jason rohwedde at codegrinder.com
Mon Oct 25 19:24:16 MSD 2004

	I just started poking around with ejabberd the other day, and I
	have a few lingering questions after having poked through the
	history for the mailing list.  Also, I'm erlang ignorant, so
	some of these may be obvious to others out there ;)  On the
	whole I've been very impressed the capabilities of ejabberd thus

	1.  Is there a wiki or other documentation not included with the

	2.  In communicating with an ldap server, is TLS/SSL attempted?
	I don't see my password or hash when I do a tcpdump, but I could
	be missing something.  

	3.  Is it possible to log MUC rooms out to file w/o resorting to
	something like bandersnatch?

	4.  How does one configure persistant chatrooms in the server
	config?  And can the amount of history kept in memory be

	5.  I've seen roster management alluded to, and I seem to be
	able to add contacts to 1 by 1 .. is it possible to this on a
	more global scale? Is this compatible with ldap for the backend?

	6.  Any good references to get started with erlang? 

	Thanks for any information.

-jason rohwedder
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