[ejabberd] mod_roster_ldap (replacing mnesia)

Leif Johansson leifj at it.su.se
Mon Oct 25 22:53:17 MSD 2004

Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Leif Johansson wrote:
>> It's in the distribution starting with the last release I believe.. Look
>> in the src directory for mod_vcard_ldap.erl
> I'm running the CVS version, what I mean which module calls the 
> mod_vcard_ldap functions. (eq. mod_vcard is called from ejabberd_c2s for 
> example looks a bit hardcoded).
> Stefan
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The explicit calls to mod_vcard implmement the write/update functions
which mod_vcard_ldap doesn't support currently. When I/someone get
around to supporting updates to ldap through vcard these explicit calls
have to go away in favour of an interface layer.

To use mod_vcard_ldap simply replace

{mod_vcard,     []},


{mod_vcard_ldap,     []},

in the list of modules in your ejabberd.cfg.

	MVH leifj

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