[ejabberd] new ejabberd user questions

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Mon Oct 25 23:55:36 MSD 2004

Op maandag 25 oktober 2004 17:24, schreef Jason:
> 	1.  Is there a wiki or other documentation not included with the
> 	app?

* The ejabberd Guide (accessible from the website and in the docs directory 
* http://wikipedia.org/ejabberd
* ejabberd page in Tkabber Book (see external links on wikipedia page).


> 	3.  Is it possible to log MUC rooms out to file w/o resorting to
> 	something like bandersnatch?

Not yet, but I already wishlisted it. ;-) And James Tait is planning to code 
it maybe. (but he first need to learn Erlang :) )

> 	4.  How does one configure persistant chatrooms in the server
> 	config?

You can do that from within MUC capable clients like Tkabber, Coccinella, 

> 	And can the amount of history kept in memory be 
> 	configured?

Not sure about that, but I guess it is.

> 	5.  I've seen roster management alluded to, and I seem to be
> 	able to add contacts to 1 by 1 .. is it possible to this on a
> 	more global scale? Is this compatible with ldap for the backend?

It could be possible this is already in J-EAI :)

> 	6.  Any good references to get started with erlang?

erlang.org: I'm reading "Concurrent programming in Erlang"...and don't forget 
to watch "Erlang the movie"! :D

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

xmpp:sander at l4l.be ( http://jabber.l4l.be/ )
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