[ejabberd] new ejabberd user questions

Jason rohwedde at codegrinder.com
Tue Oct 26 19:00:42 MSD 2004

> > I just started poking around with ejabberd the other day
> Welcome aboard!

Thanks for taking the time to reply and the warm welcome :)

> > Is it possible to log MUC rooms out to file w/o resorting to
> > something like bandersnatch?
> This is something I'm working on at the moment.  Bearing in mind the points
> mentioned above, it may be some time before I get anything working. :)
> > How does one configure persistant chatrooms in the server
> > config?
> This is normally done in the client, when you create the MUC room, though
> you'll need a fully MUC-compliant client to do so.

Understood, this is what I do now.  There are a couple rooms that I'd
like to "hardcode" into the config to ensure they are always there
and that they always have the same permissions.  But, this probably
isn't actually going to be a big deal for me.


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