[ejabberd] Help on http_poll

Pablo Venini pbtjab at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 15 22:12:45 MSD 2004

    I'm new to jabber and I've recently installed ejabberd 0.7 on red hat 9. 
I've successfully used it with Exodus 0.9 in normal mode, but when I try 
http_polling I can't connect to it.
My ejabberd.cfg looks like this:

    %Host name:
    {host, "firewall.casa.com"}.

    %Listened ports:
    {5280,  ejabberd_http,  [web_admin]},
    {80,      ejabberd_http,  [http_poll]},

And Exodus is configured as following:

        Server: firewall.casa.com

        Type: HTTP
        Priority: 0

        Url: http://firewall.casa.com/http-poll

Exodus shows "Connected: authenticating" but it stays in that state forever. 
Ejabber sees the connection (appears in its console output) and the HTTP 
POST. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? (There is no firewall or 
proxy between the two machines)

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