[ejabberd] Beginner Jabber administration

Keith A Wingo wingo at uta.edu
Wed Sep 15 23:30:36 MSD 2004

Greetings all,

I was searching for an open source messaging solution, and I found ejabberd.
I have ejabberd .7 installed and running on Windows XP SP2.  I am able to
register new users, chat with users on my Jabber server and another
(different) Jabber server, and I was able to configure the web
administration.  So the server and chatting is working well, no problems so

A few questions:

How do I remove user names? There is not an option in the web administration
to change a username or delete it.

What are DCD files? Is this where the Jabber server database and
configuration is stored? How do I read and edit these files? I tried to
perform a manual edit using Notepad, but the server rejected that file after
I saved, so I had to restore it.

Are there any basic commands I need to know to use the ERLang emulator
command line?

Thank you all for any information you can give to me :)

Keith Wingo
University of Texas at Arlington
Office of Information Technology
Client Services Helpdesk
http://oit.uta.edu <http://oit.uta.edu> 
wingo at uta.edu

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