[ejabberd] ejabbered - test bench or studies

Sébastien Falquier sebastien.falquier at atchik.com
Fri Apr 1 16:37:53 MSD 2005


I am currently studying the possibility to use a Jabber server at a low
level of my compagny's SMS chat application. This application creates an
important message flow and I was wondering how an XMPP server can resist
to this flow.
As a consequence, since I do not have too much time for this task, I am
searching available test bench results or some studies about XMPP
servers. I am particularly interested in the number of messages that can
be treated by seconds.
So, if you have some, would you mind sending me datas about this
concern? I would appreciate if you could precise me the hardware and
software caracteristics of the tested platform.

Thanks in advance,

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