[ejabberd] Problem with web administration

Sergio Medina smedinavallejo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 14:08:29 MSD 2005

Hi all,
I have an ejabberd server with LDAP authentication working fine. The
problem is when i log into the web administration i get a "Not
Allowed" when typing a valid LDAP user/pass.

I think the problem is not in the LDAP but in the looking for the
right ACL. I've modified the function process_get in the file
src/web/ejabber_web.erl as follows:

case acl:match_rule(configure, jlib:make_jid(User, ?MYNAME, "")) of
%  deny ->
%    {401, [], make_xhtml([?XC("h1", "Not Allowed")])};
%  allow ->
  true ->
     Request#request{path = RPath})

With this modification there is not shown the error but there is not
shown any content in the browser. It seems like ejabberd web server
hangs up or similar.

I don't know if Aleksey or somebody has this configuration and can try
to access the web admin but I'd appreciate any help with it (even if
it is "stop breaking your head, at the moment we know that doesn't
works and we don't plan to implement that in a sooner future").


    Sergio Medina

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