[ejabberd] trouble with pubsub

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Tue Apr 5 23:50:39 MSD 2005

Jon Hancock wrote:
> ejabberd license question:
> Are the ejabberd mods being put into J-EAI supposed to
> get rolled back into ejabberd?  i.e.  Does the open
> source license for ejabberd require the mods to be
> available to be put back into ejabberd?

The licence does not require that code should be mixed with the one of 
ejabberd. It require that the change should be redistributed with 
sources under the same licence, which is the case.
It may merge at some time, but we would need to make the behaviour 
difference parametrizable so that those who want extra feature can use 
them without penalty for the others (bigger memory footprint or extra 
message processing).
It takes time, but it might happen at some point.

> I've looked at J-EAI.  It may someday be what I want. 
> For now, I don't want to run anything except erlang. 
> Can the wizards of ejabberd and J-EAI clarify the
> policy?

You are not forced to use the Java part of J-EAI. Mainly is ejabberd 
with some improvments, but it is ejabberd under the wood. You can use 
J-EAI as you would with ejabberd. The Java components are just a way to 
soften the learning curve and ease integration in existing system for 
Java developer. This is an helper layer that your are not forced to use. 
You should really try using J-EAI (for example from the Erlang REPOS 
CDROM) and use it directly as an XMPP server through XMPP libraries.

I hope this helps,

Mickaël Rémond

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