[ejabberd] Re: Cluster Help

tty at Safe-mail.net tty at Safe-mail.net
Thu Apr 7 17:59:40 MSD 2005

> Bill Brazell <bill.brazell <at> cingular.com> writes:
> Now I need to figure out a strategy regarding the tables and what settings to
> give them.  Anyone have any insight on that?

For full redundancy, compleatly mirror the database over on the 2nd node. This means tables which are disc_only should be mirrored disc_only, etc, using mnesia:add_table_copy.

> Is the best way to make an eJabber cluster completely fault-tolerant by adding a
> load balancer such as the ones from F5 or Alteon?  Without a load balancer, if a
> user's "home" server went down, they couldn't log in.  But with the shared
> database, reviving that server would be easy.

You can use a round-robin DNS if each node is on a different physical machine. Eddie (http://eddie.sourceforge.net/) is another option. For our internal needs we were going with a round-robin DNS. 

With a distributed database users can log in from either nodes. 



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