[ejabberd] ejabberd 0.9 has been released

Andrzej Smyk andrzej.smyk at kolporter.com.pl
Thu Apr 21 16:00:05 MSD 2005

I've done it.. With rootdn and pass in ejabberd.cfg - not work..

I wrote couple lines into example extauth file and it is working :)


    my $binddn = "uid=".$user.",o=myfirm,c=pl";


--        $op eq 'auth' and do
                $ldap = Net::LDAP->new( 'ldap_server' ) or die "$@";
                $mesg = $ldap->bind($binddn, password =>$password);
                if ($mesg->code) {
                        $result = 0;
                else {
                        $result = 1;
                $mesg = $ldap->unbind;
          },last SWITCH;



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2005/4/20, Andrzej Smyk <andrzej.smyk at kolporter.com.pl>:
> builtin handling of auth is not working...  I have ldap
> database with no anonymous access..

ejabberd 0.9 has two new options for the configuration file:
ldap_rootdn y ldap_password, that are used when connection to the LDAP

I think the way to set them is to add this to your ejabberd.cfg:
{ldap_rootdn, "myrootdn"}.
{ldap_password, "mypassword"}.

Try it and tell us if they help.

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