[ejabberd] Server Admin from Clients

Bill Brazell bill.brazell at cingular.com
Mon Apr 25 19:12:24 MSD 2005

I'm using the Pandion Jabber client with eJabber and came across an issue. 
Within  Pandion, there is a menu item called "Server Administration" that allows
basic administrative functions like sending messages to all users and listing
all online users.  When connected to a Jabber v1.4.3 server, the menu is
available and functions properly.  When connected to an eJabber server, the menu
item is grayed out.  Within Jabber, access to this functionality is controlled
within the configuration file like this:

        <read>bbrazell at jabberserver.com</read>
        <write>bbrazell at jabberserver.com</write>
          <subject>Auto Reply</subject>
          <body>This is a special administrative address.  Your message was
received and forwarded to server administrators.</body>

I do have the following line within the ejabberd.cfg file:

{acl, admin, {user, "bbrazell"}}.

Is there any way to make this work within eJabber?

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