[ejabberd] mysql server

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Apr 26 07:10:22 MSD 2005


I am needing to add jabber functionality to a game server, and am
curious the best approach in using ejabberd. I think the best would be
to use the game server's mysql db which is setup for redundancy? I had a
previous setup with the game server and jabberd2 running independently,
with independent mysql databases, and that is not scaling well, as I
wrote glue to synchronize these two databases and things get out of sync
too easily. I think the best approach would be to centralize the

Would the best way to do this be to use the new ODBC functionality? I
need to see where I should throw my coding efforts to see some of these
things through, as I'm ready to move on this now.

Also, what is the best way to then add/remove/edit users and also their
rosters with ejabberd?

I'm already having some good byproducts from working with ejabberd, as
I've had to build a good init script and also have added some code to
the makefiles.


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