[ejabberd] problem connecting to ietf.xmpp.org (group chat)

Sergei Golovan sgolovan at nm.ru
Mon Aug 1 13:44:02 MSD 2005

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 02:24:05AM -0700, Yu-Shun Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> Our clients could not connect to ietf.xmpp.org. The logs are
> included below. I saw Randy's thread about non-default port
> and SRV lookup problem, and had already applied the patch
> in that thread ("s2s conf issues" at 3/7/2005).

You didn't specify ejabberd, erlang and operating system versions you're running.
But if it's erlang R10b then you should probably do the following:

1) create file /etc/ejabberd/inetrc and put the following line into it:
{file, resolv, "/etc/resolv.conf"}.

2) add the following options to ejabberd command line:
-kernel inetrc \"/etc/ejabberd/inetrc\"

After that ejabberd should properly resolve SRV records and connect to unusual
ports like 6269 at ietf.xmpp.org.

Sergei 'TeopeTuK' Golovan

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