[ejabberd] ejabberd 0.9.8 released

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Tue Aug 2 03:15:48 MSD 2005


The ejabberd development team is proud to announce the release of 
ejabberd 0.9.8, which is an important milestone toward version 1.0, due 
later this year.

Here are the details for this release. Have fun !

			    Release notes
			    ejabberd 0.9.8

    The code can be downloaded from the Process-one website:

    For more detailed information, please refer to ejabberd User Guide
    on the Process-one website:

    Recent changes include....

Enhanced virtual hosting
    Virtual hosting applies to many more setting options and
    features and is transparent. Virtual hosting accepts different
    parameters for different virtual hosts regarding the following
    features: authentication method, access control lists and access
    rules, users management, statistics, and shared roster. The web
    interface gives access to each virtual host's parameters.

Enhanced Publish-Subscribe module
    ejabberd's Publish-Subscribe module integrates enhancements
    coming from J-EAI, an XMPP-based integration server built on
    ejabberd. ejabberd thus supports Publish-Subscribe node
    configuration. It is possible to define nodes that should be
    persistent, and the number of items to persist. Besides that, it
    is also possible to define various notification parameters, such
    as the delivery of the payload with the notifications, and the
    notification of subscribers when some changes occur on items.
    Other examples are: the maximum size of the items payload, the
    subscription approvers, the limitation of the notification to
    online users only, etc.

Code reorganisation and update
    - The mod_register module has been cleaned up.
    - ODBC support has been updated and several bugs have been fixed.

Development API
    To ease the work of Jabber/XMPP developers, a filter_packet hook
    has been added. As a result it is possible to develop plugins to
    filter or modify packets flowing through ejabberd.

    - Translations have been updated to support the new Publish-Subscribe
    - A new Brazilian Portuguese translation has been contributed.

Web interface
    - The CSS stylesheet from the web interface is W3C compliant.

    Installers are provided for Microsoft Windows and Linux/x86. The
    Linux installer includes Erlang ASN.1 modules for LDAP
    authentication support.

    - This release contains several bugfixes and architectural
      changes. Among other bugfixes include improvements in LDAP
      authentication. Please refer to the ChangeLog file supplied
      with this release regarding all improvements in ejabberd.

    The ejabberd feature sheet helps comparing with other Jabber/XMPP

    Contributed tutorials of interest are:
    - Migration from Jabberd1.4 to ejabberd:
    - Migration from Jabberd2 to ejabberd:
    - Transport configuration for connecting to other networks:

The ejabberd development team

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