[ejabberd] pgsql support

Felipe fbvsurf at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 23:21:32 MSD 2005

Hello. I have asked before, but no answer. So, here I come again:

Does anyone know what do I have to do to use the pgsql support?

I want to have the roster of each user saved in a SQL table.

I am planning to migrate from ejabberd because of this lack... :(

I'd like to keep using ejabberd as it is donning well here with 50 users.

I need more because I will have 1.000 users soon. So, this kind of thing is 
very important.

I tell that because I had an experience with a migration of the server from 
one machine to another one with a different hostname, and I got trouble to 
do that. I have done. But that is not easy.

So, help from you guys? I would like to contribute to the project too. I 
have already done a Brazilian Portuguese translation of the messages. I 
would do a documentation of the use of pgsql if I could use it first.

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