[ejabberd] how to use proxy65 with ejabberd

Tom Wang wysxs at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 11 02:59:51 MSD 2005

Hi, Sander

Proxy65 is up when I follow your instruction.

Millions thanks

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> Op woensdag 10 augustus 2005 21:46, schreef Tom Wang:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to setup proxy65 (JEP-0065 proxy server) work with ejabberd.
>> the proxy65 has been installed correctly. but when I run it, it shows as
>> following. it needs to add appropriate service lines to the <browse>
>> section of your jabber.xml in jabber1.4 according to readme of proxy65
>> package. but I don't know how to setup in ejabberd 's config file. 
>> anybody
>> know how to config proxy65 with ejabberd?
> You will need to add a section to the listened ports section of ejabberd. 
> It
> should be something like this (remark: add a virgul at the end when it is 
> not
> the last entry, and add a dot when it is the last entry):
> {6000, ejabberd_service, [{ip, {4, 4, 4, 4}}, {access, all}, {host,
> "proxy65.host.com", [{password, "password"}]}]},
> Btw: normally there will be a new Proxy65 release soon and I hope to have 
> a
> tutorial for that new version within a few months on the ejabberd website 
> :-)
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