[ejabberd] ejabberd scalability

ke.han ke.han at redstarling.com
Sat Aug 27 20:30:52 MSD 2005

>>1) I'm trying to find out how many simultaneous users a clustered
>>ejabberd environment can handle. Does anyone know of any large
>>clustered ejabberd environments, or how large the current
>>largest ejabberd domains are?
> Currently there are 61,068 users registered on jabber.ru (the biggest known 
> public domain) and 1,740 of them are online.

Could you provide a little more detail on jabber.ru?  e.g. server specs 
(OS, RAM, CPU), rough CPU and RAM consumtion for a large load (around 
2,000)?  The initial numbers you give don't mean too much without 
addition data.

thanks ke han

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