[ejabberd] restricting some users' views with ACLs

Matthias Bertschy Matthias.Bertschy at echotech.ch
Tue Dec 13 13:46:09 MSK 2005


I am evaluating ejabberd (i386, Debian etch, ejabberd 0.9.1-2) for my 
company's internal IM server.

I would like to know whether this kind of setup is possible using ACLs 
(and/or rosters).
--> there are 3 groups of users, say "office", "admins" and "customers".
--> all these groups are edited manually
--> "admins" members can see everybody
--> "customers" can only see (using client's browsing ability) "admins"
--> "office" can only see "admins"
--> "customers" and "office" should NOT be mutually browseable

Is it possible to do that in ejabberd.cfg ? Or using the web interface?

Thanks for your help.

Matthias Bertschy, Echo Technologies SA

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