[ejabberd] erlang 10 in Debian woody?

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Thu Dec 15 01:43:03 MSK 2005

I've seen ejabberd 1.0 requires erlang 9+, but I have only version 8
installed that comes with Debian woody (3.0). Is there any known way to
get erlang 10 (or at least 9 or whatever is current) running in Debian
woody? Updating Debian is not an option unless someone can explain me
how to do this in a reliable way with a lot of self-compiled software.
Debian sarge (3.1) seems to ship erlang 10, but that package surely
won't work in the older Debian. Compiling erlang from source has
previously failed, I don't expect it to work now again.

Isn't there a way to include a "portable" version of erlang into
ejabberd for people like me that have nothing at all to do with erlang
except for using ejabberd?

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