[ejabberd] ejabberd 1.0.0 + otp_src_R10B-8

Staudinger, Ulrich ulrich.staudinger at lycos-europe.com
Fri Dec 16 21:13:25 MSK 2005

Ejabberd 1.0.0 with kernel poll on a linux 2.6x machine is a shocker babe. 
It outperforms all other jabber daemnons that I have evaluatued regarding speed by the factor 10-100-1000, well, at least when using the mnesia database. I have not yet switched to PstgreSQL but am wondering if the results will stay the same. 

'Problem with all other jabber implementations is the mysql/storage backend. There are simply too many sql calls in these implementations. 

Will post a screenshot sooner or later. 


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* Staudinger, Ulrich <ulrich.staudinger at lycos-europe.com> [2005-12-16 17:09:24 +0100]:

> Hi Guys, 
> i grabbed the 1.0.0 and the otp_src_R10B-8, applied the http://developer.sipphone.com/ejabberd/erlang_epoll_patch/ and now ejabberd doesn't compile. 
> slycl336:/opt/lycos/apps/ejabberd-1.0.0/src# make
> /usr/local/bin/erlc -W  XmppAddr.erl
> /usr/local/bin/erlc -W  ejabberd_s2s_in.erl
> ./ejabberd_s2s_in.erl:33: can't find include lib "ssl/pkix/PKIX1Explicit88.hrl"
> ./ejabberd_s2s_in.erl:34: can't find include lib "ssl/pkix/PKIX1Implicit88.hrl"

Has Erlang been compiled with SSL enabled ?
Could you check in your Erlang install dir if the ssl application is
there ?

Mickaël Rémond

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