[ejabberd] Automatic user roster managment?

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 15:40:47 MSK 2005

2005/12/22, James Van Vleet <James.VanVleet at seillc.com>:
>             I am looking for a way to automatically update our user's
> rosters.  So far I have found the web interface as well as the ejabbctl
> command line tool.  I am hoping for a way to do this via an interface –
> service administration or other XMPP method would be best.  I am looking to
> embed this functionality into a tool.

If automatically update a roster means adding, and removing roster items:
 - web interface
 - ejabberd_ctl
 - Shared Roster Group (web interface)
 - mod_xmlrpc (contribution)
 - ad-hoc (contribution) and still requires some coding to add/remove
roster items

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