[ejabberd] Settng up clustering

Ilja Booij ibooij at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 19:15:34 MSK 2005


I'd like to know if there's a good guide setting up ejabberd
clustering. I'm getting pretty confused, even on a very simple setup.
I'm probably being very dumb...

I'm trying to do this:
I have an ejabberd server on machine A. This instance works very well.
I now want to have a second node on machine B. Both were installed
from the ejabberd debian repository at

If I understand things correctly, I can start an erlang console on the
second machine, and copy the database from there. When following the
manual Sander Devrieze wrote, I do:
bash> erl -sname ejabberd -mnesia extra_db_nodes
"['ejabberd at tornado']" -s mnesia

with the ejabberd user in the directory where the files should be
placed (/var/lib/ejabberd)

I then get a whole load of error messages on screen, and erl
terminates.. can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or how I should
diagnose this problem.

Thanks for your help. 
Ilja Booij

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