[ejabberd] Ejabberd and Active Directory - Authentication

King, Michael MKing at bridgew.edu
Thu Feb 10 01:50:58 MSK 2005

I found this with a few minutes of searching


And specifically this:

Which is some opensource ldap client coded in erlang.

(In the readme it states that they developed it to bind to active
directories using username/passwords)

Just figured I'd share what I found and see what anthills this kicks

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King, Michael wrote:
> Now to replicate this with ejabber, I have to do the same.  Is there 
> support like this in ejabberd?

I have written the LDAP storage module for eJabberd, it *works* but due
to the redesign of the backend system it needs to be remade.
Since I'm no Erlang god and nobody have verified my code I cannot give
any guarantees except for the fact I'm using it in my graduation
demonstration on Monday ;) As part of a bigger system... so does it
work: yes, would you trust it... no, could you try it... probably :)

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