[ejabberd] Alexey: Debug option that show message (AUTH:users:password) at the server log window

fbvasconcellos at inf.ufrgs.br fbvasconcellos at inf.ufrgs.br
Thu Feb 17 22:20:35 MSK 2005


I think this is to Alexey.

I have a problem: the log window at the server side shows the users passwords
clear on the screen.

A guy said to me at the ejabber forum

Alexey says it is a bug: "i'v

Submitted by sander on Wed, 2005-02-09 13:25.

Alexey says it is a bug: "i've used it for debugging some time ago and forgot
to remove". He also says he will fix it. But you are right it will go
encrypted over the internet when users use SSL or SASL.

workaround if you don't want to see their passwords:
 start ejabberd with the "-detached" option.

I think that this is a printf("\n(AUTH:%s:%s)",$user,$password);

So, if you know in what file and line this is located, I could comment it and
recompile ejabberd.

Thanks a lot!

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