[ejabberd] PyMSNt and PyICQt

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Sat Feb 19 21:47:59 MSK 2005

On 19.02.2005 16:46 (+0100), Andreas van Cranenburgh wrote:
> This was a big reason for me to leav Woody behind, all those ancient
> packages got on my nerves very much (these conflicts often occur with
> software not in Woody yet). Sid is much better IMHO. Have you tried
> woody backports from www.apt-get.org? Have you added a repositery with
> ejabberd packages specifically compiled for woody? Such a repositery
> ought to have all dependencies available.

Yeah, the ancient packages are find for a stable (whatever that means)
base system, but all critical web services are compiled from source.

I have a backports line in my APT sources, don't know if that helps
anything. I tried to add the given line for ejabberd, but it was always
rejected as being invalid. So I had to download the .deb file from there
by hand and tried to install it with dpkg -i.

Maybe I could try to create some fake package that tells openssl is
installed, but it won't find files in the right place since every
software developer and package maintainer puts files in another place on

Well, I'm already happy that I found the erlang package because last
time I tried it didn't even compile. Maybe I have more luck now with

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