[ejabberd] PyMSNt and PyICQt

King, Michael MKing at bridgew.edu
Tue Feb 22 17:36:23 MSK 2005

I've only been messing with debian for two months, but I've found the
best way to install stuff is

>From the commandline: dselect 

Select option 2 (to update packages list)
Select option 3, hit space to cancel help
Type / and the package I'm searching for (in this case erlang)
Type + on the package I want to install.

It will prompt me about extra packages needed to install, just hit + on
those as well. It'll tell you about any confilcts.

Just as a note, you've installed from source, so things might get a
little wonky now.

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On 19.02.2005 14:41 (+0100), Yves Goergen wrote:
> nice link. But there is no erlang apt package. Where can I get it now?
> Running Debian 3.0.

Hm, found erlang version 8.0-4 now, it just wasn't on my text box but it
was on my productive server. Stupid Debian...

Anyway, when I want to install ejabberd, it tells me it needs openssl
which is not installed. It may not be installed with APT but I installed
it from source. And that's a newer version than Debian has. So how can I
tell the ejabberd package that it should take a closer look and use the
present openssl?

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