[ejabberd] J-EAI

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Wed Feb 23 11:44:33 MSK 2005

Martyn Baker wrote:
> Hi
> Has anyone tried getting this to work sucessfully as a disk based install ?
> I've got it working from the Cd and it looks really good, but I wanted 
> to start testing it as a live environment.
> I'm using Windows NT4 patched with Erlang 10. I tried copying the 
> Ejabberd and other binaries to an existing Ejabberd install (after 
> deleting the old ones) and setting the variables, but I can't get the 
> system up.

What is failing ?
Do you have erro messages ?

> Is something hard coded ?

No. Nothing is hard coded. But J-EAI is patching many thing in ejabberd 
and you might not have taken all the needed files. A modified version of 
the report browser is also needed to be able to browse the log file.
Another possible problem is that you could not have setup the path to 
all the needed code file.

If you want to install it somewhere on your harddrive and do not want to 
optimize the disk space, you can simply copy the content of the CDROM to 
your harddrive. It will directly work like from the CDROM.

If you prefer doing the thing by yourself, here is an Erlang code 
abstract of the path that is setup for the CDROM. You should check that 
your path is properly configured.

     %% Get path to Erlang libraries
     ErlangLibDir = code:lib_dir(),

     %% modules modified by Process-One
     JEAIDir = os:getenv("JEAI_PATH"),
     EJabberdEbin = filename:join([JEAIDir, "p1", "ejabberd", "ebin"]),
     JEAIEbin = filename:join([JEAIDir, "yaws", "ebin"]),
     SASLEbin = filename:join([JEAIDir, "p1", "erlang_otp", "sasl", 
     YAWSDir = filename:join([ErlangLibDir, "yaws-1.50"]),

     %% Add J-EAI specific code in the path

Note: The best place to continue the discussion is the J-EAI mailing 
list (jeai at erlang-fr.org. Details for subscription are here: 

I hope this helps.

Mickaël Rémond

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