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Mon Feb 28 19:39:57 MSK 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 10:27:48AM -0500, King, Michael wrote:
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> Is this about having kids on foo.com instead of jabber.foo.com? There's
> virtual hosting coming, you could also do it with three port forwardings
> maybe?

Uggh.. you forwarded my message _including_ the shameful spelling
mistake (kids -> JIDs).

> I'd be interested in knowing how to do this.  
> Right now my server is something like  user at server.subdomain.domain.edu
> I'd love to get it to user at domain.edu before I start having people use
> this.

Maybe you can write a perl / python bot that does this stuff, resending
the messages. But no, then the from-address is gone...

A jabber transport for jabber... there's no working implementation that
I know of.

Or are you asking me how to do the port forwardings? That's
straigthforward, the jabber ports on domain.edu should be forwarded to
server.sub.... that's about all. And the jabber server on server.sub...
should also be configured for the domain.edu hostname. Note that
everyone will need to re-register and re-subscribe to everyone!

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