[ejabberd] Any hints on using "jann.pl" script

Badlop badlop at safe-mail.net
Thu Jan 13 12:44:45 MSK 2005

Leon Adato escribió:
> I have an ejabberd server up and running. As an "admin" account I can 
> send messages to /announce/online. But when I try to do the same thing 
> via the "jann.pl" script  the message fails.

I don't know what jann.pl script is. Where did you find it?

> Ultimately, I just want to send information from outside the eJabber 
> server (like from my monitoring system) that gets broadcast to a 
> collection of users. If there is another way to do this, I'm all ears.

If you want to send a message to all online users, then /announce/online 
is the best way.

But if you want to send a message to some JID, not to all, then you 
should use a tool like Nax or any other similar script.

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