[ejabberd] Problem setting up ejabberd cluster

Bruce Jarvis bjarvis at leanlogistics.com
Tue Jan 18 07:36:30 MSK 2005


Both machines are on an internal network with no firewall between them.  They can ping each other and forward and reverse DNS lookups work on both nodes.

When I run net_adm:ping() on the second node, I get this output in the ejabberd log on the first node:

=ERROR REPORT==== 17-Jan-2005::23:20:03 ===
** 'ejabberd at harpalyke.leanlogistics.com': Connection attempt from node 'ejabberd at saturno.leanlogistics.com' rejected since it cannot handle extended pids and ports. **

Similarly, I get this message when I try to net_adm:ping() from the first node to the second node:

(ejabberd at harpalyke.leanlogistics.com)1> net_adm:ping('ejabberd at saturno.leanlogistics.com').

=ERROR REPORT==== 17-Jan-2005::23:20:45 ===
** 'ejabberd at harpalyke.leanlogistics.com': Connection attempt to node 'ejabberd at saturno.leanlogistics.com' aborted since it cannot handle extended pids and ports. **

I would appreciate any ideas you might have on this subject.



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Bruce Jarvis wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Alexey.
> When I run net_adm:ping('ejabberd at harpalyke.leanlogistics.com').
> It returns 'pang'.  Is this good or bad?

Pang means that it cannot contact the other Erlang nodes, so this is bad. You should first try to ensure with the simple command "net_adm:ping" 
that both Erlang nodes can enter in contact.
Can the two machines reach each other with ping ? Is there firewall 
rules between the two nodes ?

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