[ejabberd] IRC nick handling patch

Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Thu Jan 20 20:42:09 MSK 2005

Your patch seems to work like a charm for the issues I was running into at
least.  =)


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> Hi everyone,
> I've been playing around with improving the error handling of mod_irc,
> especially for nicks that are already in use.  I've included a patch
> (made against the current CVS) that reports failed nick registration/
> changes.  A couple of other effects are noticable: it starts the IRC
> connection with the correct nick (it would use the user name from the
> Jabber id before, then change it on joining a channel), complains if no
> nick is given, and only sends NICK and JOIN to the IRC server when
> necessary.
> The main shortcoming is that if nick changes are sent to several
> channels at once, it might report a failure on the wrong one, but only a
> bot is likely to ever do that.  I'm also toying with setting it up to
> report any fatal error while setting up the IRC connection, but haven't
> got around to it yet.
> Any feedback welcome.
>   Brian
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