[ejabberd] ejabberd little Tricks? reload config with erl console!

Badlop badlop at safe-mail.net
Thu Jan 27 16:03:15 MSK 2005

Fritz Kron escribió:
> Erl is new for me, so I have some problems how to reload config from ejabberd without disconnecting users.
> At http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/tricks is written how to do this but something is missing. ( my knowledge ;) )

> 1. got cookie of running ejabberd from /var/lib/ejabberd/.erlang.cookie
> 2. started a erl console with erl -sname test at rs23 -setcookie ...
> 3. checked cookie with erlang:get_cookie(). - ok same cookie
> 4. check ping net_adm:ping(ejabberd at rs23). - pong is ok
> 5. but when i try this
> ejabberd_config:load_file("/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg").

Between 4. and 5. you must create a shell on the remote node (ejabberd at rs23) and connect 
to that shell.

You can get more information on the whole proccess at the new tutorial (wrote and 
submitted today):

`Interconnecting Erlang nodes'

Tell me if you find any error on it.

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